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An official seal material
The ox horn prints   The atom light quick hull   The plastics prints
Embossing seal   Data seal   The gold stone prints
The copper prints        
The cabinet an official seal template of dark a small room.
Presonal seal template
1#(隶书)   2#(标宋)   3#(楷书)   4#(隶书)   5#(魏碑)   6#(行楷)
7#(楷书)   8#(大宋)   9#(黑体)   10#(黑园)   11#(仿宋)   12#(篆书)
13#(楷书)   14#(隶书)   (行号章)            
The gold stone Seal engraves template
The thou prints the material small common sense now

Plastics:The quality is soft, good cover chapter, the color and luster is rosy, the more fresh and red quality is more good, don't shrink, the price is easy to understand.

BE applied in a Company's seal extensively, category miscellaneous chapter etc. scope.

Ox horn:Natural ox horn, the quality is hard, the color and luster is black and bright to have natural wood grain, useding for a Company's seal extensively, presonal seal.With white ox horn O.K.

The tradition speaks the method can counteract evil force.But ox horn because of being subjected to processed procedure restriction, if material's ising not dry will not shrink, opening crack.

Wood:The quality is hard, taking yellow wood as to like, useding for a Company's seal, presonal seal extensively, the category miscellaneous chapter.It is a traditional official seal material.But the material isn't dry to shrink easily.

The electronics prints:(the light is quick to print)From take to print oil, is the most popular currently in the world, an official seal of the latest type, the convenience is practical, the handwriting is clear, useding for a Company's seal extensively, presonal seal, each kind of business, transact, category etc. uses a chapter

.Can set the color can encourage, but the limit appropriation print oil.The color is red, orchid, green, purple, black etc..

The atom permeates to print:From take to print oil, can encourage again and again, can set color, and will not transform, color in addition to above-mentioned 5 kindses, can also add more colors, if defend false fluorescence oil, without color fluorescence oil etc..But limitPrint oil with profession, extensive apply in the Company's seal, presonal seal, every variety transacts, the business uses a chapter.The color is red, orchid, green, purple, black, fluorescence etc..

Returning the black prints:[The anti- 斗 prints] from take to print set, the usage is convenient, can't cover a not good chapter because of making an effort size, the abroad uses extensively, mainly useding for a business, transacting and miscellaneous chapter.The external appearance is beautiful but glory, Be just physical volumeBigger.I am re-usable to encourage.

The atom prints:From take to print oil, whole adjustable print noodles height, is red generally, orchid, green, purple, the black etc. color can choose.Can set in same printing whole color piece with 2-4.Belong to a time of an official seal, the oil is namely witheredTransform to discard.

Organic:Modern material is enduring, constant form, the external appearance bright and clean characteristics.The price cheapness is practical, but quality to compare with frailty,.

Note model rubber:Soft hard and just right, form of written norm, constant form, through long enduring, extensively applied print in date, return to black to print and each kind of Company's seal, transact a business, category etc. uses a chapter, also belonging to the most extensive a kind of usagePrint a material.But material quality the margin is very big, good and bad of the enduring degree also differs very greatly.

The date prints:BE made use of in a finance, postal service, airport, wharf, railroad, warehouse, maritime customs, examination extensively, finance etc. realm.But the domestic and importing material differ very greatly, the material has a plastics and metal of.

The steel copper prints:Embossing seal namely watermark, used for certificate more, contract, it is different from other n official seal, isn't what cover comes out, but is squeezed paper by type matrix to model of, copper's printing is our country ancient official seal material, apply to doThe Company's seal, the finance chapter, delivers a mark chapter, legal person presonal seal etc. needs an official seal very much, it is to give presents extremely good a gift in the meantime.In the traditional thought, it has the representative town wealth and permanent meaning.

Ivory:In addition to pure gold an official seal, all ages initiates of is an ivory an official seal, because of having already got rid of poison heat, town improbity of effect, and it is pure to have no time of oneself represent of clean and pure with justice is been expensive by the palace from thouPeople of clan see Jean, also becoming the delicacy in the gift thus, an ivory an official seal represented internality and identity of a person, and ivory again is print a material in the best material and hope to have.So drive up to now still person
Spoil Jean.

Rock an official seal:Our most traditional an official seal material, have to appreciate, collect, practical, gift, an official seal art and whole body, the good luck can exorcise town spirit, from thou drive scholar refined scholar, reach an officer, nobility cherish, but quality

Ground has world it do not, price so much doubly in gold, bad of is worth a few money, if you not its teachings, had better please understand the personage of the line and help, slicing and recording circumspect and purchasing.Jade an official seal:Contain jadeite, agate, with rock an official seal a Kind, just has more to collect value because of the relation of quality, but present artificial jade, jadeite, agate, a lot of, true or false difficult argue, have more a lot of over dasheen full number of kinds of goods, so slice to record careful make choice of purchase.

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